Experience Alaska snow cat skiing in Valdez and Thompson Pass! 

Black Ops Valdez offers Alaska Snow Cat Skiing at over a half dozen operating areas spread from Valdez to the Interior side of Thompson Pass, giving us the largest permitted snowcat skiing area in the U.S.  This allows us a variety of options depending on snow conditions and weather at any given time of the year.


Enjoy riding up the mountain with up to 10 people in warmth and comfort. We operate two restored Thiokol Sprytes that are in near new condition and are truly part of American skiing’s history. The Spryte was widely used in the 1970’s and 80’s at resorts and ski areas across the country. Many of these cats are still in operation today!

Although our machines are a bit older and smaller than some commercial snowcat skiing operations, they are just as affective at climbing and accessing the same terrain.  Our machines are inspected daily to insure your safety, and that your Valdez snowcat skiing experience is a positive one!  Our machines are also capable of being repaired much faster in the event of something breaking down, due to the simplicity and availability of parts in Valdez.  This combined with having two machines, allows us to keep you out skiing!

There is no doubt that we cannot access much of the terrain that you can with a helicopter or snowmobile.  But, that being said, we have terrain that ranges from mellow to extreme in each or our operating areas.

We also offer snowcat tours and private charters.  If you are looking to book the cat for the day for your skiing crew, or are just looking for a tour through the most breathtaking scenery Alaska has to offer, we can accommodate.

An Experience to Remember


Snowcat Skiing Rates

Single Day Snowcat Individual
  • $300/day
  • Average 6-8 runs depending on operating location for the day and length of runs

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Single Day Private Cat Skiing
  • $1800/day Averages 5-6 hours with 10 people
  • $160 each additional person up to 12 people max


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Single Run Snowcat Skiing  (Subject to Availability)
  • $40 – $50/run depending on operating location - with a 4 person minimum


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  • To make a reservation, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required
  • Remainder is due 30 days before scheduled reservation
  • Refunds are for credit only
  • All refunds and use of credit is subject to availability
  • Beacon, Harness, Pack, Probe, and Shovel are required
  • Backcountry Safety Gear is available to rent for $25/day